Welcome Home.

When life is good, but you know you can do better.

When you’re working hard, but the passion is gone.

When you’re busy, but it’s never enough.

When you don’t know what you need, but you know something’s missing.

When you need a guide you trust to explore who you truly are.

When you’ve put things off, but you can’t anymore.

When nothing’s wrong, but you need some help.

Let’s have a conversation.

I’ve plateaued.
How do I level up?

Life is good.
How do I make it even better?

I’m stressed out.
How do I find peace?

I'm working hard.
How can I be more effective?

I’m too busy.
How do I slow down?

Something's missing.
How do I find it?

I’m stuck in old patterns.
How do create something new?

I’m holding myself back.
How do I accelerate my growth?

I’m hurting.
How do I heal the past and move forward?

I’m confused.
How do I find clarity?

I’m tired.
How do I feel more alive?

Our work together begins with. . .


  • willing to say, “I don’t know”
  • willing to begin again
  • willing to be a student


  • willing to look at yourself
  • willing to call yourself out
  • willing to speak the truth


  • willing to be resourceful
  • willing to follow your intuition
  • willing to surrender control


  • willing to put yourself first
  • willing to be uncomfortable
  • willing to face your fears

Transformational Life Coaching and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

I absolutely love what I do.

Human behavior – why we do what we do – humbles and fascinates me. It’s a privilege to support you on your inner journey of transformation.

I integrate aspects of Transpersonal Psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, life coaching, mindfulness-based stress reduction, somatic psychotherapy, radical honesty, authentic relating, circling, and spirituality into my practice to bring you a holistic mind, body, spirit experience. Please be advised I have no formal certification in any modality.  If you wish you seek a trained professional please do so.

Together we’ll work to resolve your past, to live in the present, and to create the future you want. 

I regularly work with clients in the areas of intimate relationships, communication and conflict resolution, personal development, business executive performance, healing trauma, motivation, career/life purpose, and spiritual evolution. Underlying themes to my work are: authenticity, trust, connection, vulnerability, truth, courage, freedom, leadership, emotional wellness, inner peace, and abundance.

Finding who you’re looking for

Finding the right coach, therapist, or counselor, especially for the first time, can be an exciting and potentially intimidating experience! Our first session will be focused on getting to know each other. You’ll have a chance to ask questions and at the end of the initial consultation, I will be able to give you a sense as to whether I feel I can be of service and you can determine whether you feel comfortable continuing together in the future.

Working together – A safe space to explore yourself

Working with me is a gentle process that supports your movement toward change. Transpersonal psychotherapy is an approach to healing oneself that encompasses our mind, body and spirit on the road to overcoming the blocks to living life to the fullest. In this way, traditional psychology is enhanced by the belief that in order for positive change to occur for the client, it must also occur for the therapist on some level, by and through the bonds of our relationship. Basically, your process doesn’t happen in a bubble, separate from my own. Only together do we find answers to difficult questions by trusting the process.

Given a supportive environment and unconditional positive regard, all of us have the ability to find the path to our own transformation and healing. I believe that we both must be engaged in the movement toward wholeness in order to foster authentic growth. I work with you as an active participant to direct the process towards transformation. 

Let’s have a conversation.

Group Circling Facilitation

Authentic Relating + Circling Groups

  • Viscerally experience connection and understanding of another person’s world.
  • Break through assumptions and projections we have about each other.
  • Become more aware of thoughts and feelings and learn to communicate them neutrally.
  • Uncover old patterns and ways of being that limit your authentic expression.
  • Settle into present moment awareness to be at peace with what is.

CreativeHeart Groups (Mastermind group with a twist!)

  • We challenge and support each other to go after our wildest dreams.
  • We follow what we feel over what we think.
  • We focus less on what we do and more on who we are.
  • We don’t show up to impress, we stand in truth.

Workshops + Retreats

  • When life is good but you know you can do better, what will be your catalyst for change? External changes are always the result of inner transformation. Work with Brian to design a workshop or retreat that will shift you, your family, business, or group into a new way of being with each other. We don’t know how disconnected we are until we experience deep connection with ourselves and others for the first time.

Need some YOU time?

Download this free audio training: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation for Focus, Relaxation and Stress Reduction.